Vending will be located in the Capital Ballroom, in the same hotel as NOTOCON XI. The NOTOCON team hopes all attendees make it to the vending room during the conference (more than once!) to purchase items from Grand Lodge, local bodies and your O.T.O. brethren.


Friday, August 11: 9am-6pm
Saturday, August 12: 9am-6pm
Sunday, August 13: 9am-2pm


We hope everyone makes time to stop by the NOTOCON XI Vending room to purchase books and receive complimentary autographs from several amazing O.T.O. authors! For a complete list of times, room location and authors, please see the Book Signings page.


Beegirl Metal (Sr. Amy Philips)

Handmade occult jewelry, specializing in Thelemic symbolism.

Egyptian Treasures & Tours (Mia Olin)

One-of-a-kind items, specifically geared to Thelemites, we have hand-painted papyruses of the Stele of Revealing, hand-carved statues of Egyptian gods made of natural stone, and more! We will also be taking requisitions for made-to-order items. In addition to our Treasures, we also book tours of Egypt, specifically for Thelemites! Our company is a partnership between Mia Olin and Mohamed Taha Al Kammar, her friend and tour guide in Egypt. For more information, please contact Mia at


Hidden Spring Oasis / Swirling Star Lodge

James Wasserman will have several books available for sale & signing, including copies of his newest book, Templar Heresy: A Story of Gnostic Illumination (and the corresponding hardcover collector’s edition, Divine Warriors: The Birth of Heresy). Additional featured titles include: The Book of Thoth (NEW Hardcover edition) $60; Necronomicon (Limited edition leather) $220 — normally $275; To Perfect This Feast, $35 (Limited edition hardcover); Success Is Your Proof, $35, and many more. Twenty percent of the proceeds from book sales will benefit two Florida bodies, Swirling Star Lodge & Hidden Spring Oasis!

Hidden Spring Oasis will also have bottles of Abramelin for sale. The oil was blended and consecrated during a ritual at the Oasis in May 2017.

Ouarda Chapter Rose Croix

Members from Golden Thread Camp will have items for sale including: The Book of the Law in a Bag (each bag is uniquely handmade to hold a deck of 220 cards each with a verse of The Book of the Law and a Mini AL manuscript) and Liber 31 Scrolls (each scroll contains the manuscript of The Book of the Law printed on a single continuous 50 ft roll of paper. These scrolls are carefully assembled by hand for personal study and ritual use). Limited quantities of both items will be available.

Members from Black Sun Lodge will have items for sale including: Thelemites Against Injustice pins, T-shirts, awesome coffee mugs and cool hats. The Lodge will also be taking orders for their Braille versions of the Gnostic Mass and The Book of The Law! As these are print-on-demand items, they will be taking orders only, to be shipped afterwards. Pricing is: Liber AL is $40 + shipping & Liber XV is $25 + shipping.

Members from Sword & Serpent Oasis will also have unique items for sale including art prints, magician’s flash cards, magician’s journals and more!

Soror Heka (Sr. Lucy Moore)

Sister Lucy’s motto, Heka, means magick in Egyptian. She is a self-taught artist who began started painting Steles again in January 2017. She has now made about 20. All are different in style and color, and each is unique. Some are painted to look like the Stele of Revealing when it was first made, and others have aging. It takes about a week to make each Stele, and they are 20″H X 12″L. Soror Heka will also have laser woodcut plaques, each with a unique design. O.T.O. Lamens be available to full members in good standing only. Woodcut plaques are $35 each, and are 13.5″H X 8.5″W x 1/4″Deep.

If you would like to order a Stele, instead of purchasing one at NOTOCON, they are available for $300 each, plus tax and shipping. Visit Soror Heka’s website or Facebook page for additional information.

…additional Vendors TBA! Please check back soon.